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A life's journey as a bluegrass mandolin player has led Bruno Garreau along many paths, crossing the musical traditions of old Europe. His show testifies to this one-of-a-kind adventure: meetings with other musicians, his own compositions whose haunting melodies speak for themselves: thus a new kind of folk, reinvented out of the past. Seeking always a direct and natural contact with the audience, Bruno Garreau invites everyone to a private convivial type of concert in the free-spirit of the old hootenannies.


Bruno Garreau became a professional musician in 1997. At the time he was the mandolin player in the bluegrass quartet led by banjo player Philippe Bourgeois with whom he worked five years (festivals and gigs all over France and Europe, album “Uncle Sam Down The Road”). In 2002, he branched out into Irish music and cut a new album of tenor banjo tunes and songs called “Cornamona Celtic Way”. In 2006 he produced his first solo album, “Les Gabares” (all instrumentals with an unusual usage of the Irish banjo). In 2009, Bruno created a new recital, designed around music he composed for mandolin to be given as a duo, a trio, or a quartet (2015 EP “American mandolin & jazz guitar” guest Jean-Christophe Renvoyer, 2018 EP “Lady Brighton” guest William Garreau, 2020 EP “Another Grass” guest Thierry Loyer and William Garreau).

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